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A new way of energy and wellbeing

Der Bio.Re.K

          The   Bio.Re.K. Crystal,
the  Crystal with the "life vibration"
The Bio Resonance Kristall called Bio.Re.K, is a unique
Crystal composition.

Like a galaxy made up of many stars, the Bio.Re.K is

a selected collection of different crystalline structures

with a  special arrangement.

This gives it the ability to use its energy in different ways and

Radiate frequencies with  People, animals and plants in response.

Sick body cells have a lack of energy

This lack of health is compensated by the Biorek effect - and this is how the  Mitochondria (our cell power plants) are activated again.

The goal is to regain the original function of healthy body cells.

Energy  = Health Energy = Life

The Bio.Re.K. Crystal supplies the

Body cells with energy and acts on:

Habitat / environment

Energizing, protection against interference radiation and negative information


Body / health:

Energy of the body cells / mitochondria

Psyche / consciousness:

Living conditions : harmonization / clarification

Thinking : clarity, recognizing opportunities and opportunities

Action : take the initiative

The Bio.Re.K. Series:

Bio.Re.K crystals are specifically programmed for the different applications.  

The House Crystal:

Energizes the house, the residents, the animals, the plants and the food.

It protects the house and the residents from interfering radiation.

It converts negative energetic information from water, plants, animals and food into positive energetic information, and takes care of it  the retention of the positive energetic information.

aside from that  he supports human energetic treatments.

More information at: House crystal

The Protector:

  When carried along, it protects against interference radiation and negative energetic information.

In the corresponding version, the crystal ensures the permanent extinction of the negative and the retention of the positive energetic information. 

More information under: Protector

The vitalization crystal:

This crystal is specially designed for the treatment of water in the household, and is attached to the main water pipe of the  House attached.

It vitalizes and  energizes the water. 

It neutralizes the negative energetic information of the tap water, 

and brings the positives to the drinking water.

More information at: vitalization crystal.


The Bio Recycled Water Crystal:

This crystal converts water into bio recurrent water.

Biorek water is a highly energized and informed water that

arises immediately when water comes into contact with the bio recurrent water crystal.


As is well known, water as the best information carrier absorbs the energy and all information of the crystal.

More information under organic water .

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