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The crystal with the "vibration of life"
The Bio Resonanz crystal Bio.Re.K is a unique and versatile crystal.
It is an energy crystal that has the ability to radiate its energy in different frequencies and to enter into resonance with humans, animals and plants.
The Bio.Re.K owes this property to the fact that it consists of several different crystals that have different vibrations and so is able to energetically build up the vibrations of the body cells in the body that need it, because sick, weak, suffering body cells have very little energy.
The bioresonance
Regardless of the appearance, everything consists of vibrations.
Every form of matter, including the human body, consists of atoms that have a nucleus and different numbers of electrons and which orbit it at the speed of light. This movement generates electromagnetic vibrations, energy that flows through the respective matter and is also radiated from it to the environment in a form that is characteristic of it.
From Chinese medicine it has been known for more than 3,000 years that energy pathways run through the body and control the activity of many body functions.
Vibrations are part of our life, because when we humans speak to one another, directly or by telephone, this happens through the transmission of vibrations.
In our organism, too, the smallest units, the body cells, communicate with one another via such vibrations.
We humans have unconsciously recognized this phenomenon for a long time, which is shown in idioms like: "Have charisma"; "Be on the same wavelength"; "Have a connection to each other".
These vibrations stimulate our organs to set energetic actions, which leads to response actions ("Re" actions) in neighboring organs. An organism functions (“lives”) through this interaction - bio-resonance - of the various streams of action.
Fortunately, nature has endowed our body with a strong ability to regulate and natural self-healing powers, which enable it to balance these extraordinary influences, which we usually hardly notice, over a long period of time: our immune system.
But the sum and constancy of the loads can disrupt and overwhelm the self-regulation in our body. The organism is "out of course":
Unclear mood disorders, chronic fatigue, allergies, illnesses and, most recently, serious physical illnesses are well-known consequences.
The radiation from the transmission masts for the Internet and cell phones 3 G and especially 5 G weaken the immune system over the long term.
Use of the BIORESONANCE crystal (Bio.Re.K.)
The Bio.Re.K. consists of almost all crystalline minerals that we have in our body.
These are highly energized and made to vibrate.
As a result, all frequencies of the human body are represented in the bioresonance crystal.
The most important areas of application are:
The energy increase
The energy stored in the crystal is permanently available and increases, through the radiation of the crystalline minerals, the energy of the people in the immediate vicinity as well as the energy of the rooms that are near the crystal.
The larger and stronger the crystal, the greater its effective radius.
For the health
The broadcast of the Bio.Re.K. there can be vibration differences between
healthy and diseased tissues can be recognized. This can cause disease
Vibrations are weakened, neutralized or converted into normal frequencies and thus strengthen the immune system.
In addition, the Bio.Re.K. have a positive effect on the psyche of people through its harmonizing effect
In the specialist literature, bioresonance is particularly used in chronic diseases and allergies recommended, but also for pain and different
Organ diseases. It works against the causes of a disease and not alone
against their symptoms.
Against electrosmog
The human body works with low frequency vibrations. A permanent one
Exposure to electrosmog is compared with the attempt to operate a low-voltage device with a high-voltage current, which sooner or later destroys the device.
Much has been written about the harmfulness of electrosmog.
Through the energy and charisma of the Bio.Re.K. can be disruptive
Vibrations are recognized, harmonized and made harmless to our organism, and thus the immune system is sustainably strengthened.
The information transfer and transformation of the energetic information.
Due to the high energy of the Bio.Re.K. it is possible to transfer information from active substances to the body's cells. In particular, one can change information. This is especially true for the water. Water is the largest carrier of information; it can absorb, retain and pass on information quickly. On its way, or in its place of residence, the water takes on all information positive as well as negative, which it stores and so also passes on. Converting negative energetic information into positive information is a particularly valuable property of the Bio.Re.K.
The use of the Bio.Re.K. is a gentle painless method, suitable for adults, children and animals alike, completely without
Side effects.

Ein Bio.Re.K. hat unterschiedliche Formen
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