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Der Vitalisierungskristall.
Der Vitalisierungskristall.




The vitalization crystal :  




This crystal is specially designed for maintaining the water in the household and is attached to the main water pipe of the house. It vitalises and energizes the water.

It neutralizes the negative energetic information of the tap water, and supplies positive energetic information to the drinking water.


Unfortunately, the drinking water is not as unpolluted with chemicals as we all would like it to be.


It is important to make the water beneficial to health.


Due to the condition of the groundwater, an ever sharper purification is required, as a result of which the water loses its natural energy and its positive energetic information, the water becomes worse through mechanical treatments with negative energetic information.

This lack of positive information and the energy is fed to the water.



The effect of energy and positive energy information.

























This picture of two ice cubes visually shows the effect of the vitalization crystal.

You can see how the cloudiness is reduced and the ice becomes clearer and more transparent.


The water we drink is more damaging to our health than it is good.

The negative information we get from drinking the water is a burden and forces our organism to react at least with discomfort.

Drinking positive water, on the other hand, promotes our energy and its conversion to our cells.


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Visualisierung der Energie im Eiswasser.
Energetisierte Eiskristall.
Nicht energetisierter Eiskristall.
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