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Verschiedene Bio.Re.K. Kristalle für Unterschiedliche Anwendungen.
Verschiedene Farben für unterschiedlichen Anwendungen.


The crystal house:















energizes the house, the residents, the animals, the plants and the food.

It protects the house and the occupants from radiated interference.

Converts negative energetic information from water, plants, animals and food into positive energetic information.

The house crystal supports therapeutic energy treatments.


The house crystal is, as the name suggests, intended for the house.

So it is a crystal that should stay in the house, and it ensures that there are harmonious and very good energetic conditions.

It works and increases the energy of all residents.

There are 3 sizes available for private houses and one size for shops, practices or companies with a lot of staff or visitors.


More details and prices in the online shop.




Verschieden Farben für unterschiedlichen Anwendungen.
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