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The Biorek water


What is bio-reclaimed water?

The Biorek water is a highly energized and informed water that is created immediately when water comes into contact with the Biorek water crystal. As is well known, water as the best information receiver absorbs the energy and all information of the crystal.



This water has a calming, relaxing effect on people and is able to relieve pain, reddening of the skin and skin irritation.

Skin and connective tissue thickenings from warts to hemorrhoids swell and occasionally disappear.



The bio recurrent water acts directly on the body cells and can energize and inform them.

This enables the body cells to resume their original and natural functioning, which has a positive health effect.


Because healthy cells  = Healthy body



The Biorekwasser works both transdermally and orally.

You can drink the water and use it like washing water.


The Biorek water cure consists of 3 different methods:

Drinking , spraying and showering / bathing


Drink organic water:

Drinking has an internal effect on the body and internal organs.

With a Biorek water crystal as a capsule, which is placed in a jug, or better in an EM jug, the Biorek water is produced for drinking.

In the morning, a glass of water should be drunk quickly on an empty stomach. This is the best way to take care of all internal organs.

More details and prices in the online shop.


Spray yourself with organic water:

The spray acts externally on the sprayed body parts, it can be inhaled as aerosols and energize and inform the airways.

A 250 ml glass bottle with a Biorek water crystal is used for spraying. The bio-reclaim water is created immediately as soon as the bottle is filled. Since you generate the water yourself, you do not need to save and should use the bio-reclaimed water extensively.

More details and prices in the online shop.


Shower or bathe with organic water:

When showering / bathing, the whole body is treated longer with the bio recurrent water. You can reach all parts of the body through it.

We have developed a Biorek shower head for showering.

In this shower head Biorek water crystals are housed, which ensure the production of the Biorek water.

The shower head is made of stainless steel and has a thick but soft silk jet that can act longer on the skin.

More details and prices in the online shop.

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